2015: 1. The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries

The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries, Otto Penzler, ed.

This lovely collection was a Christmas gift, and I went right about reading it (even though Christmas had passed - maybe I'll do some re-reading next December).  It's edited by Otto Penzler, who owns the Mystery Book shop in New York, and is, as far as I can tell, the editor of all mystery collections published in America.  Luckily, he's pretty good at it. 

This collection, as you may have gathered, is of mystery stories set around the holidays.  That sounds like it might get repetitive, but, to the contrary, so many different authors with so many styles of writing have set a mystery at the holidays, that variety was splended.  From old favorites, like Agatha Christie and Chesterton, to more modern writers - hard boild to cosy, locked room to shoot 'em ups, there is literally something for everyone here.  And most of the stories were new to me, which made it a blast to read.  The Christmas angle was occasionally ham-fisted, but mostly just icing on a clever story cake. Highly recommended for a mystery fan.

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