2011: 103. At the Altar

"I knew quite well why Father sent me to Prince Edward Island to visit Aunt Philippa that summer." ~ First line of "Aunt Phillipa and the Men"

At the Altar, L.M. Montgomery

Well, this too is a subject matter collection of stories, but whether its because I'm an old romantic and thus a a softy, or whether she was an old romantic so the stories are better, I love this one.  The theme, obviously is marriage, and weddings, and we have stories ranging from elopements, to estranged couples reuniting.  We even have a romance on the Western plains! Of course, it's all typical Montgomery, and you can pluck elements from the stories and plug them back into the novels (First and Second Peter, for one, which seem to be the only cat names she can ever think of!), but my goodness what fun.

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