2016: 106. Cary Grant

"Although he would go on to star in six more Hollywood features, Cary Grant’s thity-four-year film career crested with his dual performance as George Kaplan/Roger O. Thornhill in Alfred Hitcock’s North by Northwest.”

Cary Grant: A Biography, Marc Eliot

Why did I read a biography of Cary Grant? Why this biography? I bought it at the used book sale, because I thought I remembered that there was a well-reviewed bio of Grant that had recently come out. Don’t know if my memory made that up, or if there is a different bio, or that this is that bio, but I was not a fan.  And yet, I read the whole thing, Lord knows why.

Anyway, it’s a biography of Cary Grant.  I’m a Grant fan in the sense that I am generally in favor of all the old Hollywood awesome stars, of which I would count him.  But the bio doesn’t really get to the bottom of Grant.  It doesn’t help you understand why he was the way he was, it doesn’t do an interesting job analyzing his film roles.  It just sits there.  I learned two interesting things - the fact that Grant was bisexual and pretty much was in an open relationship with a man for most of the 1930s, and the fact that he pissed off the Academy and thus never won a competitive Oscar.  But the rest was just a reciting of what happened, without really giving me the sense that the recitation made me understand the man or the actor better.  I’d say it was a disappointment though, as I started, I’m not really sure what pursuaded me to read this at all.  

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