2011: 105. Christmas With Anne


"Matthew was having a bad time of it." ~ First line of "Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves"

Christmas with Anne, and other Holiday Stories, L.M. Montgomery

      Another posthumous collections, this one, of course, a collection of Christmas stories, including Christmas related excerpts from the Anne books (Green Gables - puffed sleeves, sob, and Windy Poplars - Katharine Brooks blooms).  The stuff from the Anne books is great - Anne's first beautiful dress and Katharine Brooks's reawakening are two of the best stories from the series, and it makes me wonder why she didn't write more Christmas stuff into her various books.  The rest of the stories are along the lines of the other stories that Wilmshurst has dug up for her subject matter collections.  A little preachy (particularly with this collection, unsurprising given the Christmas aspect), but sweet.  

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