2011: 106. Further Chronicles of Avonlea

"Max always blesses the animal when it is referred to; and I don't deny that things have worked together for good after all.  But when I think of the anguish of mind which Ismay and I underwent on account of that abominable cat, it is not a blessing which arises uppermost in my mind." ~ First lines of "Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat"

Further Chronicles of Avonlea, L.M. Montgomery 

   I do like this collection, even though its just another short story book with Avonlea and Anne sandwiched in.  There are a lot of stories that you see in other forms in other collections - "The Return of Hester" is just like another ghost story in Among the Shadows, "The Education of Betty" is redone in Across the Miles, etc., but since this collection was published first (and in her lifetime, if over her objections), these are the better versions.  I'm obviously running out of things to say about L.M. Montgomery short story collections, but this was a fun one to re-read.

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