2011: 108. Against the Odds

"'You might as well move the rock of Gibraltar as attempt to change Uncle Abimelech's mind when it is once made up,' said Murray gloomily." ~ First lines of "A Patent Medicine Testimonial"

Against the Odds, L.M. Montgomery

     This collection is a collection about pluck.  Oh, sure it's techinically about people overcoming obstacles of one sort or another, but in the Montgomery context that means pluck.  As Lou Grant might hate pluck, but I kind of love it.  I think that spunky people who overcome odds in creative ways is pretty much Maud's wheelhouse, and thus, this collection is pretty fun.  Plus "overcoming obstacles" is a lot more varied a subject matter than "being an orphan" so you get a lot more variety here.  From "A Patent Medicine Testimonial" where a young lady gets her and a her brother an education by shaming her uncle (he's so afraid that the family name will be smeared by her testimonial that he decides to fund them as a sort of hush money) to "How We Went to the Wedding", where two girls ride a buckboard across the Canadian praries, there is a lot of fun stuff going on here.  

Categories:  Fiction, Re-Read, L.M. Montgomery 

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