2011: 110. Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters

"The Sullivan family's Christmas began in the traditional way that year."

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters, Natalie Standiford

    Oh, I loved this book.  Total guilty pleasure, because it's young adult, but it was so so fun.  The book hits a number of my sweet spots.  The book is about the Sullivan family, a quasi rich* society family who live in a big old crumbly mansion (a big old crumbly mansion is just oh, my one dream in life),  there is a whole passel of kids (the book focuses on the four sisters, but there are also three brothers), they all have waspy names (one brother is named St. John!).   Luv it! I mean, I officially loathe wastrely society people, but I secretly evny their self possessed upper crust lives (this explains my love hate with Georgetown), so this was right in my wheelhouse.

    The book opens with the grandmother (who is called Almighty, so you get the drift) calling the whole family together and saying that one of her grandchildren has offended her so much that, unless that person confesses and apologizes, she will disinherit the entire family.  The book, then is the confessions of the four daughters.  It's just super fun - what they "did" ranges from sneaking out with inappropriate older boys to spilling family secrets on a blog.  It's well written, too - one of those YA books that you can just enjoy, and not wince at it being dumbed down, or clunkily written, or totally implausible.  Just pure fun.

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*quasi, because they depend on their grandmother for the money

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