2012: 13. A Discovery of Witches

"The leather-bound volume was nothing remarkable"

A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness

     To be perfectly honest, this book is nothing more than a better written Twilight* for grown-ups - and a pretty Mary-Sueish one.  It's a supernatural romance in which the most powerful perfect witch ever falls in love with the most powerful perfect vampire ever.  And that starts a war between them and the witches/vampires who think that the species need to stay apart or doom will follow! It's pretty predictable and ridiculous stuff - OF course he's a heroic, wealthy, proud, handsome vampire (think Mr. Darcy with fangs) who would NEVER eat a human.  And of course she is a powerful, beautiful witch.   It's not a book you read for a hard-hitting look at modern life, that's for sure.  It makes An Interview With a Vampire look like literature.  

     That all having been said, however, I sure read this book from cover to cover.  It's a fun beach read, and it ends on a nice cliff-hanger (indeed, I just found out from Amazon that it's the first in a trilogy), and I have no doubt that I'll read all three.  Have no illusion about what kind of book you're reading when you pick it up, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it, if you like a slightly better than trashy romance, or you're too proud to read Stephanie Meyers, but want a little supernatural fiction in your life (but if you want something better written, stick with The Magicians). 

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*To be perfectly, perfectly honest, I never read Twilight.  But I've absorbed it through my exposure to pop culture, so I feel free to judge! 

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