2012: 14. There is No Dog

"Oh glorious, most glorious glorious! And yet again glorious!"

There is No Dog, Meg Rosoff

     This is the story of Bob, who is the God of Earth.  Bob is a teenaged boy, basically, and he is our God because no one else wanted to be (and his mom won the position in a game of poker).  And he has a very short attention span (which explains a lot, doesn't it?).  The only thing keeping us from complete rack and ruin is his uptight assitant, Mr. B, who does what he can to reign in Bob's excess.  But then one, day Mr. B has had enough, and applies for a transfer, at the same time that Bob has gone and fallen in love with a mortal woman.  To say that chaos ensues would be an insult to chaos…

    What a great read.  This is a hoot, and it's also about something, and it reminds me of Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett and other funny books that I love.  The idea that God is a distracted teenage boy manages to be hilarious without being sacreligious (at least as far as this not very solemn-minded reader is concerned), and I adored the book.  Wish I'd bought it instead of borrowing it from the library, in fact.  There is No Dog is being marketed, I think, as a young adult book, though I'm not sure why - maybe Rosoff's other work is all YA.  Whatever the reason, I'm surely glad it was, because I found it through bookshelves of doom, and had it not been a YA she might not have reviewed it.  And then I wouldn't have read an absolute gem of a novel.

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