2012: 16. The Game

"When Hayley arrived at the big house in Ireland, bewildered and in disgrace, rain was falling and it was nearly dark"

The Game, Diana Wynne Jones

     I've been on a big Jones binge this year, reading everything they had in my branch library, and starting to order more via interlibrary loan.  I'm not sure what set me off - maybe the sad news of her death earlier this year - but I've gotten hooked on her stuff.  She's just so inventive, so capable of creating so many different kinds of interesting fantasy-esque worlds - can you imagine being so creative?  All these different varieties of speculative and what if worlds - such a treat.

     This was a very, very short novel - almost a short story instead, but it's packed with plot.  Halley has been living with her strict grandparents, when she is all of a sudden packed off to visit her aunts and uncles and cousins in a big old house in Ireland.  There, she learns about The Game, where the cousins send themselves off on mystical quests (real mystical quests) to find special objects from fantasy.  There is obviously more going on with her family than Halley ever knew, and she's determined to figure out what's going on…

    And, as always, the solution is creative, the characters are fun.  Slight, for sure, because its so short, but classic Jones.

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