2012: 2. The Night Circus

"The circus arrives without warning."

The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

This is a magical novel - a story of a mystical circus, the spectacular result of a magical duel that two wizards (is that what they are? Magicians? Mages?) fight.  But they don't fight it themselves - each selects a champion, and set them against other.  The game has been played for years, this battle by proxy - but this time things go astray when the two combattants meet and realize that they don't want to battle each other at all.   The result is a magical ride, and a phenomenal read.

But this description doesn't really capture the book at all, because the plot is secondary to the atmospherics which are what makes the the book.  The way Morgenstern creates the Circus  with her words is amazing - I can't think of when I've read such a sensual book in the literal sense that you feel like you are seeing, hearing, smelling the circus - and what a circus.  You couldn't read this book and not want to visit the Circus.  To be able to even visit it in literature seems like a reward.  People have complained about the plot of the book, and I can see that.  It's only reasonably interesting, but it's hardly the point.  You read this book so that you can visit the circus - and you won't regret having done so. 

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