2014: 20. The Interestings

The Interestings, Meg Wolitzer

I know its not terribly interesting to read another review of The Interestings - I feel like I was possibly the last woman in America to read this book.  But just in case I was the second or third to last, here are my thoughts.  

It's the story of a bunch of kids who met at an art camp, and all thought they were going to grow up to be famous, amazing, etc., and then they grow up and some are famous, amazing, etc., but most are just regular.  And its about their lives and relationships with each other.  First of all, its well written, etc., etc., and it definitely kept my interest.  My only quibble is well, the main character, Julie, is just not that interesting.  And, duh, that is the point - that she is just a regular person, and how she comes to term with that (and deals with her envy of her very famous friend Ethan, who once loved her, but married her best friend instead - and got very, very wealthy).  Julie struggles, while Ethan soars, but remains true to her in his way.  And its also just about growing up and living life - and that part I liked.  And I liked the idea of dealing with the realization that you are just normal - we all have to deal with that, eventually (except for super narcissists and actual geniuses).  It's just that I didn't like Julie that much, and whenever the book solely focused on her I thought it ground to a halt.  Maybe I'm as naive as anyone - I don't want to read about regular people? Or maybe Julie is actually a little dull. 

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