2012: 20. The Magician King

"Quentin rode a gray horse with white socks named Dauntless"

The Magician King, Lev Grossman

      I liked this sequel to The Magicians even more than the first book.  It's about what happened after Quentin left the modern world and became the king of Fillory, along with his friends from school - and with an old friend, Julia.  Julia is the character that makes the book for me.  You see, Julia was Quentin's friend from high school, and when he was swooped away to take the test to get into Brakebills, the magical high school, she was swooped away too.  Only she failed the test.  And while people who fail are supposed to forget that the entire thing happened, Julia remembers, and the knowledge that magic is real, but denied to her, drives her mad.  Everyone tries to convince her its mental illness, but she knows what happened, and, eventually it drives her to become a hedge witch - someone who has learned magic without the help of magical education.  The story of the novel (which is a Prince Caspian-esque quest to find some magic keys, blah blah blah) is intertwine with the frankly horrific tale of what it cost Julia to get her magic.  It's a great story - for the first time in the series what happens to the characters has real stakes and real consequences, and if I liked The Magicians,  I loved The Magician King.  I'm not sure whether Grossman plans to write more books in this world, but if he does, I'll read them!

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