2007: 118. I, Robot

“I looked at my notes, and I didn’t like them.  I’d spent three days at U.S. Robot and might as well have spent them home with the Encylopedia Tellurica.”

I, Robot,  Isaac Asimov

I think I read this when I was in high school - I went through a minor Asimov phase then, particularly for a woman who doesn’t really like science fiction all that much - but barely remembered it, so I counted it among the unreads for purposes of commuting.  And I totally breezed through it in one commute (or so - I gobbled it up before I went to bed that night)*, and enjoyed it.  The book is really just a collection of short stories, all about a future in which there are robots.  Asimov posits three laws of robotics, and then the stories play off variations of the laws.  They are fun, because they are as much about logic and human behavior as they are about sci-fi,** and, for once, they are actually moderately optimistic about the future of the human race.  So, not a great challenging read, but darn enjoyable.  The only (unfortunate) major misstep is when Asimov talks about how the “Fundies” have no real power in the future - don’t I wish!!

Recommended for:  People who don’t read much sci-fi, but wanted to dip into it, without being drowned in dystopia; people who thought the Will Smith movie that borrowed the title (but not the plot) sucked.

*Though I am totally paying the price, because I’ve been reading The Decameron ever since.  Dudes, that book is looooong)

** Don’t tell me that is what all sci-fi is about.  I read Neuromancer. 

Date/Place Completed: 7/31/07; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction; Commuting Book; Technical Re-Read

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