2007: 121.  Enter A Murderer

“On May 25th, Arthur Surbonadier, whose real name was Arthur Simes, went to visit his uncle, Jacob Saint, whose real name was Jacob Simes.”

Enter a Murderer, Ngaio Marsh

A great number of Marsh’s mysteries relate to the theater - in fact, her Dame-dom comes not from her service to mystery novels (like Dame Christie) but for her contribution to promulgating the legitimate theater in New Zealand (a great number of her mysteries also involve New Zealand). This one concerns a murder that takes place on stage - real bullets are put into place where a blank was supposed to be.*  Alleyn just happens to be there when it happens, and solves the crime.**

I was totally meh on this one.  Ingenious enough solution to the mystery (I did like the bit with the hanging), but the characters were boring to the extreme, and barely stayed with me.  A miss, I think.

Recommended for:  People who want a brainless mystery and aren’t too picky; Marsh completists.

*Which, btw, is totally the plot of a Christopher Pike novel (Last Act, if you must know), though, to be fair, Marsh thought of it first. 

** Which the murderer totally  knew.  You think he’d have waited until the next performance, no??

Date/Place Completed: 7/30/07; D.C

Categories:  Fiction, Re-Read

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