2007: 135. Diary of a Provincial Lady

“November 7th - Plant the indoor bulbs.  Just as I am  in the middle of them, Lady Boxe calls.  I say, untruthfully, how nice to see her, and beg her to sit down while I just finish the bulbs.  Lady B. makes a determined attempt to sit down in armchair where I have already placed two bulbbowls and the bag of charcoal, is headed off just in time, and takes the sofa.”

Diary of a Provincial Lady,  E.M. Delafield

LOVED this book.  It is the diary of a lady living in the British countryside, and all her trials and tribulations with her sometimes stultifying society and often crimped budget.  Mostly though, it is just a hoot - the wit is dry and oh so funny, and her small trials and tribulations kept me enraptured.  Not as petty as Mapp and Lucia and not so goofy as Bertie, the Provincial Lady is sharp and funny, and I am going to read all the books in her series, and so should you (if you can find it! It might be out of print, mores the pity).


P6 76 of my edition*:

“Young gentleman is introduced to me by Rose (she is saying in rapid murmur that he is part author of a one-act play that has been acted three times by a Repertory company in Jugo-Slavia.).  It turns out later that he has met Lady Boxe, who struck him, he adds immediately, as a most poisonous woman.  We then got on well together. (Query: Is not a common hates one of the strongest links in human nature? Answer, most regrettably, in the affirmative.)”

Awesome, right? Find the book and read it!

Recommended for: People who like dry sparkling humor, and Britain in the 1920’s

* Which is an old hardcover American edition that I bought at a book sale.  It’s a little battered, but it has a pretty funny introduction by an nice American lady who assures us that despite her dry with, the Provincial Lady does love her husband and children after all.  Hee!

Date/Place Completed:  8/23/07; D.C.

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