2007: 157. Gone, Baby, Gone

“Long before the sun finds the Gulf, the fishing boats set out into the dark.  Shrimpers mostly, an occasional pursuer of marlin or tarpon, the boats are filled almost exclusively with men.  The few women who do work the shrimpers keep mostly to themselves.”

Gone, Baby, Gone - Dennis Lehane

Boy, I have been doing a lot of reading lately, but not so much blogging.  I bought this book, which is another book in the Kenzie and Gennaro series, if you can believe it, at 5:45 AM on a Sunday morning at Logan Airport.   I had a ridiculously early flight ( for reasons too complicated to get into) and the only book at my disposal was this terrible Houdini biography that I bought and will probably never ever finish because it is terribly written (seriously, such a disappointment).  And, since Ben Affleck just made a movie of this book it was available at the cheesy airport bookstore.   So, since I enjoyed the first book so much, I decided to get this one.

Excellent choice.  This is a great book - but its even a darker and more harrowing book than A Drink Before The War - which, if you had asked me after reading that book I would have said was not possible.  The reason this book is heartbreakingly harrowing is because it’s a story of the terrible things that can happen to our children in this terrible world, and the things that happen are pretty hard to take.  But oh! the way that Lehane writes about those things - the way he knows the darkness of our world, he makes a horrible story more than exploitative, but, rather an expose of the world we live in.  And he can tell a hell of a story, too - a well written thriller that is about something more than the action is rare, but Lehane sells it.*

Recommended for:  People who like action stories - but also want more from their books; people who want to see the movie, but like to read the book first.

*SPOILER - however, I do have one nitpick.  It seems to me that the whole sad and sorry mess would have been avoidable if Big Dave had just told Peg everything from the get go - she, who cared so much about little Amanda would have surely gone along with the plot and avoided so much trauma.  Just a thought!

Date/Place Completed: 9/30/07; D.C.

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