2007: 180. Light Thickens

“Peregrine Jay heard the stage door at the Dolphin open and shut and the sound of voices.”

Light Thickens, Ngaio Marsh

Prepare for yet another round of mysteries, this time all Ngaio Marsh.  What can I say? Work has been a bear, we’ve weathered a family crisis and in such times, my soul yearns for the ordered solutions of the cosy mystery.  Plus, unlike earlier this year, this time around I found all the books to be quite good.  Don’t know if my mood has changed, or I just picked better books, but there you are.  

Anyway, this is Marsh’s last book,  and it’s quite good - much better than latter day Christie, for sure (late period Christie can be quite grim).  Like many of her best books, it takes place in a theater, and (how’s this for atmosphere?) during a world class production of the Scottish play.  A creepy production, a demented cast member (who happens to be an expert on antique Scottish arms), and the superstition about Macbeth, lead to an atmosphere where murder is almost to be expected.  Alleyn is called in and solves it (bien sur!) and order is restored.  A nice unchallenging mystery, which was just what I needed when I picked it up, so I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Recommended for: People who are in the mood for a well written atmospheric cozy mystery, people who believe that Macbeth really is bad luck.

Date/Place Completed: 11/19/07; D.C. (OH I am behind on my blog!)

Categories: Fiction; Re-Read.

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