2007: 185. Scales of Justice

“Nurse Kettle pushed her bicycle to the top of Watt’s Hill and there paused.”

Scales of Justice, Ngaio Marsh

This was a fine mystery and I quite enjoyed it, but I must say that it took me a few minutes to remember what the heck it had to do with scales, anyway, and, since the mystery is solved based on the scales thing,* I guess I must confess that it didn’t make that much of an impression on me.  It’s a typical English mystery, the type Christie does so well - a small village murder in which everyone is implicated, and they all have complicated personal relationships to one another, and in the end the good triumph and the evil must pay the piper.  I was fooled by the ending, which is always fun, and the lovers end up happy, which I also like.  Not taxing by any means, but a fun breezy read.

* BTW, that is fish scales, not musical scales

Recommended for: People looking for fun, not too challenging mysteries.

Date/Place Completed: 12/9/07; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-read

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