2007: 34. Sparkling Cyanide

“Iris Marle was thinking about her sister, Rosemary.

For nearly a year she had deliberately tried to put the thought of Rosemary away from her. She hadn’t wanted to remember.

It was too paintful - too horrible!”

Sparkling Cyanide, Agatha Christie

Another stand alone, with no detective (although Colonel Race, a constant Christie second banana does play a minor role).  Writing these blog entries has made me appreciate the different styles and tricks that Christie uses in her different books.  I’m not saying she’s James Joyce, but the books are generally better written and more clever than I at least give her credit for.  

Anyway, this book tells the story of the murder of beautiful, rich, and dim Rosemary Barton.  The six people who were present at her death each reflect back on what happened (one per chapter), and then they all come back together for a second dinner, where murder strikes again!  Fabulously fun, no?  Another book I’d recommend for the Christie novice, particularly those who are wary of the detectives.*

*Although, why would you be? Hercule and Jane Marple are awesome.

Recommended for: Dim heiresses and those who love them (you have to know how to protect yourself!); people who like stories told from multiple viewpoints; mystery fans.

Date/Place Completed: 3/18/07. D.C.

Categories:  Fiction, Re-Read; Agatha Christie Project

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