2007: 54. Death of an Expert Witness

“The call had come at 6:12 precisely.  It was second nature to him now to note the time by the illuminated dial of his electric bedside clock before he had switched on his lamp, a second after he had felt for and silenced the raucous insistence of the telephone.”

Death of an Expert Witness, P.D. James

Man, has this turned into the P.D. James blog, or what? Looks like I am going to re-read them all - maybe even the dreaded Children of Men? (Will my hatred of dystopias outweigh my completist nature? Only time will tell!)  The thing is, I am reading other books - two chapters of The Brothers Karamazov at night, a non-fiction book about Coleridge and Wordsworth at the gym, The All True Adventures of Lidie Newton as my commuting book.  But man, these Jameses go down sweet and fast in my off minutes, and I am tearing through them.  

Anyway, this one is, as the title would suggest, about the death of an expert witness, murdered at a forensic lab.  It is, like all of her mysteries, well-written enough to be worth re-reading, and the characters are interesting enough to keep you going, even if the murder mystery is not the greatest (here, I found the solution to be pretty drab, as her solutions often can be - I definitely read these for the characters, not the ingenious solutions).  It was interesting, in this day of CSI, to see how forensics was regarded in 1977, when the book was written (and thus, one year before my time).   

I mean, I am enjoying these books generally - some better than others. I am sure in a few years I’ll read them all again.*

Recommended for: Fans of CSI; mystery readers

Date/Place Completed: 5/19/07; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-read; the PD James Project

*It’s been about 5-6 years since my last past through, as far as I can figure, though some I have read more often.

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