2007: 69. One Good Turn

“He was lost.  He wasn’t used to being lost.  He was the kind of man who drew up plans and executed them efficiently, but now everything was conspiring against him in ways he decided he couldn’t have foreseen.”

One Good Turn, Kate Atkinson

I was disappointed by this book.  I really enjoyed Case Histories, which this was sort of a sequel too (it contains some of the same characters), but this book didn’t impress me nearly as much.  By the end I was into it, but really it reminded me of those really grim Ruth Rendell novels.  Not the good ones, but the ones with cold psychopaths like 13 Steps Down.  Even characters I remembered liking from Case Histories were cold and depressing in this book.  What a disappointment!  I will read more Atkinson, but I won’t be as eager this time.

Date/Place Completed:  5/16/07; D.C.

Categories: Library Book; Fiction 

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