2007: 70. Maisie Dobbs

“Even if she hadn’t been the last person to walk through the turnstile at Warren Street tube station, Jack Barker would have noticed the tall, slender woman in the navy blue, thigh-length jacket with a matching pleated skirt short enough to reveal a well-turned ankle.”

Maisie Dobbs -  Jacqueline Winspear

The premise behind this mystery series made it an obvious choice for me to read - it tells the story of a woman detective in 1920’s England - my favorite genre and my favorite time period.  Reading it, and realizing that the mystery and the detective’s back story were intimately concerned with the aftermath of World War One, meant that this book was right in my own special sore spot, emotionally.  The fact that it turned out to be damn well written and a pretty good mystery too, was just the icing on the cake.  The end of this book (which has more to do with Maisie’s love life than the mystery, but just barely) brought me to tears.  Embarrassing when reading on one’s lunch break, but awesome when connected with popular fiction.

What I am saying is, I enjoyed this book way more than I expected too.  I look forward to reading more Maisie Dobbs books, and to re-reading this one.  I enjoyed it and was moved.

Recommended for:  Mystery lovers; feminists; people interested in class issues; in WWI; in doomed love; in what makes people do terrible things.

Date/Place Completed:  5/10/06; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction

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