2007: 77. A Caribbean Mystery

“ ‘Take all this business about Kenya,” said Major Palgrave.  “Lots of chaps gabbing away who know nothing about the place!  Now I spent fourteen years of my life there.  Some of the best years of my life, too --’

Old Miss Marple inclined her head.”

A Caribbean Mystery, Agatha Christie

This is a quite good Miss Marple mystery.  Set on the fictional Caribbean island of St. Honore, it starts with Miss Marple humoring an old windbag, telling stories of his days in Kenya.  She barely pays attention when he tells the tale of a murderer that he once knew - which is unfortunate, seeing that the old man ends up murdered.  Miss Marple is on the case, though, and in the end (and after two more deaths, as is so often the way in these books), she solves the crime.  It’s fun to see Jane outside of her dotty English milieu, and to see her take on the Caribbean (and she’s right - nobody really likes steel drums, do they?), and it’s always satisfying to see Miss Marple solve the crime.  This isn’t her greatest mystery, but I for one hope they adapt it in the new Marple series!*

*Which I am totally loving, btw.  I know people are mad that they fiddled with the time period and made Jane so spry and twinkly, and changed the plots, but I don’t care.  I enjoy Geraldine McEwan’s performance, and the sets etc. are total English cosy mystery manor house porn.  LOVE THEM.

Recommended for: People who like Jane Marple; people who think that the Caribbean isn’t so great as everyone says

Date/Place Completed:  6/2/07; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-read; Agatha Christie Project  

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