2007: 9. The History of Love

“When they write my obituary.  Tomorrow.  Or the next day.  It will say, LEO GURSKY IS SURVIVED BY AN APARTMENT FULL OF SHIT.  I’m surprised I haven’t been buried alive.”

The History of Love, Nicole Krauss

        This was a book club book and is, I think, one of the best we have read so far.* It weaves a number of stories together – that of Leo Gursky, Holocaust survivor, Alma Singer, a precocious fourteen-year-old whose father has died and mother is overwhelmed by loneliness, and that of a novel called The History of Love. The story is told in bits in pieces, not in chronological order, so that the reader doesn’t really put all the pieces together until the end. It’s not a perfect book – I am not sure that all the pieces come together exactly correctly, and if they do work, it’s not necessarily 100% perfect – but emotionally, it is spot-on. It is just a beautiful story about love and loss, and I couldn’t decide who I loved more, Alma or Leo – or maybe The History of Love itself. I really look forward to discussing it at book club**, and seeing what others thought.

         My post may not be as detailed as it has been for other books, but that is because I read it so long ago and because I'm powering through my backlog. Gosh, just flipping through it kind made me want to re-read it, especially knowing how it ends. A lovely book.

Recommend for: People who like beautiful stories about love and loss; people whose brothers think they may be lamed vonicks.

* Not more than East of Eden, though. I mean, let’s not get ridiculous.

** Providing we actually discuss this time instead of just chattering. We are big-time chatterers!

Date/Place Completed: 01/19/07

Categories: Fiction; Book club

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