2008: 121. The Martian Chronicles

“One minute it was Ohio winter, with doors closed, windows locked, the panes blinded with frost, icicles fringing every roof, children skiing on slopes, housewives lumbering like great black bears in their furs along the icy streets.”

The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury

Another sci-fi read brought about by the commuting book game.  It’s funny because while I find that I really enjoy other genre fiction - mysteries, obviously, and fantasy* which can be so close to sci-fi, I am not just not that fond of speculative fiction.  It is just all so bleak, generally, and depressing in that well, I don’t know, in my experience, with some obvious backsteps (i.e the Second World War, all of the middle ages, the second Bush administration), history generally progresses for the better, no?

And yet, having said all of that, this is a pretty good book.  It helps that even if you don’t love science fiction, you cannot dispute that Bradbury is such a good writer - even that first sentence quoted above is something else.** consists of a number of linked stories about the American invasion of Mars.  It’s depressing - but poignant and clever, and thought provoking, particularly in the way 1) the Martians are all killed and 2) eventually the Earthlings follow.  (Not spoilers, because seriously have ever read classic sci fi? It is all depressing like that).  And maybe that’s why, though this isn’t my favorite kind of fiction, I keep reading sci-fi, because even though I don’t always enjoy what I read, enough of it makes me think that I keep going.

Date/Place Completed: 8/7/08; D.C.

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