2008: 133. Tourists Are For Trapping

“I was lying back comfortably, up to my earlobes in hot steaming water.”

Tourists Are For Trapping, Marian Babson

This is a pretty dumb mystery (like, it makes Agatha Christie look deep), but it was a nice quick comfort read, and although it isn’t literature, I enjoyed it enough (having turned my brain off) to read another Babson after it, and to consider buying a few more, if I saw them at a second hand shop.  

The plot is about a murder that takes place on a luxury tour of Europe; the “detective” such as he is, is Doug, an employee of the PR company that reps the tour group.  When a tour member dies in Switzerland, the tour group comes to England, where the Doug tries to boost the members’ spirits.  Which is hard to do, when it shortly becomes apparent that the death is Switzerland was murder, not accident.  The story is slight, the characters a little dated (I thought the book was set in the sixties for part of it, until I realized that it was supposed to be 1989), but the writing is charming and light - more a comic romp than a murder mystery - but it was pretty fun.  If you can stomach light and fluffy “cozy” murders, this is pretty good.  Plus, one of the main characters is a cat - how can I, mother of two four legged friends, not be amused?

Date/Place Completed: 9/4/08; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction; Re-read

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