2008: 15. Prayers for Rain

“In the dream, I have a son. He’s about five years old, but he speaks with the voice and intelligence of a fifteen-year-old.”

Prayers for Rain, Dennis Lehane

Another Kenzie and Gennaro novel.  This one immediately follows Gone, Baby, Gone and takes up in the aftermath of the destruction of that novel.  Angie and Patrick are broken up, personally and professionally, and she’s working for a big security firm while he is still taking P.I. cases on his own.  So it continues until Patrick meets a nice young woman who is being bothered by a creep.  She is so sweet - so different from the kinds of people he usually works for - that he takes her small case and get the stalker off her back.  He forgets about it, until he hears that this woman has dramatically committed suicide by jumping naked off the Custom House.  Patrick is so shocked that such a nice person, such a happy person should have changed so in such a short period of time.  So he looks into it, and (as is his wont) quickly gets in over his head as he falls into a case that is darker and meaner than he would ever have expected.  

Lehane’s books are dark as hell, and depressing - and talk about a Boston pretty different from the one I yearn to return to, but they are such good mysteries.  They are well-written (both the language and the plot) and they are about more than just mayhem, but really about the darkness in the human heart.  This is no exception.  My one quibble with the book is with the ending - without giving too much away, the thing Patrick does at the end seems just the opposite of what he does at the end of Gone Baby Gone.  Which is not to say he wouldn’t change (after he lost so much with his last choice), but that I thought it maybe could have been further discussed/fleshed out a bit.  But that’s a minor quibble in a great dark thriller.

Date/Place Completed: 2/10/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction, Library Book

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