2008: 160. The Ghost Orchid

“I came to Bosco for the quiet.

That’s what it’s famous for.”

The Ghost Orchid, Carol Goodman

I bought this book because years ago I read another book by Goodman, and it had an excerpt of the first few pages.  And I saw it in a bookstore when I was looking for easy non-stressful pre-birth reading, and I thought, why not? The thing that drew me in was the plot - set in a writers colony, the protagonist is writing a historical novel about events that happened at the house years before.  I really liked the atmosphere Goodman captured with the various back-biting and infighting the writers indulge in, and the story that the narrator is writing, about the mysterious disappearance of the children of the rich woman who went on to endow the artists colony, and the spiritualist who was implicated in the disappearance.  I love these literary mystery type stories, so I was all geared up to sink into this as a nice escapist read.  But, alas, I was disappointed - mostly because rather than just have a nice ending where the mystery was solved we learn what happened, the ending had a supernatural twist, and (SPOILER) it turned out that all the characters were not somehow personally involved with the historical mystery.  I guess what I’m saying is that I was unable to suspend my disbelief as I would have wished, and thus, was disappointed.  Her other books were more literary thrillers, and this seemed like a goofy supernatural romance.

Date/Place Completed: 10/21/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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