2008: 161. Death Comes as the End

“Reniseb stood looking over the Nile.”

Death Comes as the End, Agatha Christie

This is a particularly unusual Christie, as it is a murder mystery set in ancient Egypt.  The protagonist is Reniseb, who has come back to her father’s home after the death of her young husband, and who thinks that nothing has changed.  However, when her father brings home a new, young concubine named Nofret, who enjoys sowing discord among the family, and then mysteriously dies, Reniseb realizes that her naive memory of home is no longer what she thought it was.  Instead, murder is the watchword of the day - but is it caused by Nofret’s vengeful spirit, or by one of their own?*

Christie, whose second husband was an Egyptologist, or archeologist or something like that, always has a nice flair for the mysteries set in the Middle East, and I thought she did a nice job making the mystery interesting and credible without condescending to her ancient characters (particularly nice considering that this was written in 1944, when you might expect an English lady to be prejudiced towards Egyptian characters, even ancient ones).  The mystery is different from her other books (I believe it’s her only historical fiction), but quite enjoyable.

*P.S. - obviously it is not the vengeful spirit, or it wouldn’t be much of a murder mystery, would it??

Date/Place Completed: 10/24/08; D.C.

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