2008. 172. Sleeping Murder

“Gwenda Reed stood, shivering a little, on the quayside.

The docks and custom sheds and all of England she could see were gently waving up and down.”

Sleeping Murder, Agatha Christie

This is the “last” Miss Marple mystery, one of two books* that Christie wrote during the war and put away for safe keeping, in case anything happened to her.  In the end they were published after her death in the late 1970’s, and never updated, so they can sometimes seem a bit strange (though that applies much more to Curtain than Sleeping Murder, which just seems like another Marple tale).  The plot concerns a woman named Gwenda, who buys a house in England (she is from New Zeland) only to find that it is a house she lived in as a little girl, and that saw a murder there as a child.  She and Miss Marple use their wits to solve that long ago crime, and put the evil to rest.  It’s a well done mystery, even if there isn’t much to show you that it’s the “last” Marple - it’s more like “one more” Marple!

*The other is Curtain, about Poirot, which I think seems much more dated and strange - more happened to Poirot in the years, I guess, because it seems like a lot is missing that you’d expect in a final Poirot story, where this could easily be any old Marple story.

Date/Place Completed: 11/9/08; D.C.

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