2008: 178. The Hound of Death and Other Stories    

“It was from William P, Ryan, American newspaper correspondent that I first heard of the affair.”

~First line of “the Hound of Death”

The Hound of Death and Other Stories, Agatha Christie

This one was actually new to me*.  Well, mostly new - I had read a few of the short stories elsewhere (the books of short stories overlap some, especially with the American vs. the British editions).  The stories are largely about “the macabre and occult” as as the back cover says - from the cover story, a sci-fi type tale about alternate worlds, to “the Lamp” a sad little ghost story about dead children to “The Last Seance” a creepy little ghost story about dead children.  It is a light book, but with a dark bent - makes you wonder what Christie was going through when these were written - was this around the time that she disappeared?  Fine reading, nothing spectacular.

*In fact, it is the first book I had to go out and buy for this project! 

Date/Place Completed: 11/13/08; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction, Re-read; Agatha Christie Project

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