2008: 193. The Under Dog and Other Stories

“Lily Margrave smoothed her gloves out on her knee, and darted a glance at the occupant of the big chair opposite her.”

~ First lines of “The Under Dog”

The Under Dog and Other Stories, Agatha Christie

This collection, on the other hand, is all Poirot.  It ranges from a classic locked door mystery (the title story), to the story that is exactly the same as The Mystery of the Blue Train, to a story that was murder described as suicide.  My favorite is “The Mystery of the Clapham Cook” in which a lady tries to hire to find out why her cook has left unexpectedly.  Poirot is at initially offended (he is too important to find a mere cook!) and then shamed (by the lady saying that the case is important to her), then intrigued (as he learns more about the case).  This might be my favorite Poirot short story ever - I love his ego being punctured, and then rebuilt as he happens to catch a murderer! Too fun!

N.B. Many of these stories were later republished in Poirot’s Early Cases.  Well, specifically, Poirot’s Early Cases consists of the following stories: The Chocolate Box, The Veiled Lady, The Lost Mine, from Poirot Investigates; Problem at Sea, How Does Your Garden Grow? from The Regatta Mystery; The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly, The Third Floor Flat from Three Blind Mice and Other Stories; The Affair at the Victory Ball, The King of Clubs, The Plymouth Express, The Market Basing Mystery, The Submarine Plans, The Adventure of the Clapham Cook, The Cornish Mystery, The Le Mesurier Inheritance from this book (The Under Dog); and The Double Clue, Double Sin, Wasp's Nest from Double Sin and Other Stories.

Date/Place Completed: 11/20/08; D.C.

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