2008: 201. The Hollow

“At 6:13 on a Friday morning Lucy Angkatell’s big blue eyes opened upon another day, and as always, she was at once wide awake and began immediately to deal withe problems conjured up by her incredibly active mind.”

The Hollow, Agatha Christie

This is another really good Christie mystery, one with both a pretty good mystery and great characters.  There is no question that while (almost) all of her books are decent, some of them are just head and shoulders above the rest.  The most famous are the ones that have famously tricky solutions (like Murder on the Orient Express, or Roger Ackroyd), but I think the really great ones are the ones like this, or Appointment With Death or There is a Tide... that have really interesting relationships.  Here we have the artist Henrietta, who is in love with a married man, John, whose wife, Gerda, is somewhat simple (and fiercely possessive) and doesn’t fit in with his friends, including Lady Lucy, Henrietta’s force of nature cousin, Edward, another cousin who has always been in love with Henrietta, and Midge, who has always been in love with Edward.  The way the relationships unfold (and unravel) when John in murdered make this, in many ways the most life like of Christie’s murders - it seems to tap more into what would really happen to a group of people if one of them killed another.  Which isn’t to say this is gritty hard hitting realism, but there is an emotional truth here that some of her more fluffy books lack...

Date/Place Completed: 11/08/08; D.C.

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