2008: 29. The Sea

“They departed, the gods, on the day of the strange tide.  All morning under a milky sky the waters in the bay had swelled and swelled, rising to unheard-of heights the small waves creeping over parched sand that for years had known no wetting save for rain and lapping the bases of the dunes.”

The Sea, John Banville

This is the 2005 Booker Prize winner and I was not much of a fan.  It is one of those books that is really written (see the first sentence, quoted above) but doesn’t say much.  The story is about a man whose wife has died, and who flees to the Irish coast where he vacationed as a child to deal with his grief, and to relive a long ago story from his childhood.  We eventually find out what happened back then, sort of, but we wade through a lot of fancy prose to get there.  To me the writing was fancy without being particularly evocative or insightful. And, the main character was your typical dreadful self-involved male. And the mystery story from the past was not that interesting (with SPOILER a doofy lesbian plot twist).  Not one of my favorites.

Date/Place Completed: 2/28/08; D.C. while sitting all day at jury duty

Categories: Fiction; Booker Prize

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