2008: 35. Darkness Take My Hand

“When I was a kid my father took me up on the roof of a freshly burned building.”

Darkness Take My Hand, Dennis Lehane

This is the second Kenzie/Gennaro mystery.  It starts when they are hired to help a psychiatrist who has been threatened protect her son, and soon expands to a series of old, dark crimes, which start to be repeated in the most violent way possible.  There is a serial killer, who may be a long dormant serial killer, and there is a connection to Angela and Patrick’s own past which makes them targets as well.  This is dark, violent novel, and as much as I have individually been impressed by the books in the series I am finding (as I finish the series up) that I find it hard to credit that two PI’s in Boston would be exposed to so much hyper uber violent sociopathy.  I mean, they aren’t working for the FBI, you know? I found Gone, Baby Gone, and A Drink Before The War more credible because they were dark stories, but they weren’t about psychopaths - just dirty crime.  The books are no doubt well written, but it doesn’t seem believable that Patrick and Angie, or of all people, would keep falling into this kind of case.  It’s a shame, because I really enjoy the characters, but I find myself preferring his stand alone books more, because anyone could have this happen to them once, but three times (by my count) seems like too much to believe...

Date/Place Completed: 3/5/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Library Book

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