2008: 36. The Deserter

“Through the entire course of her expectation, Cornelia had been sickly.  As her time grew short, she sent a whining letter from Philadelphia to her cousin in Concord, way north in Massachusetts.”

The Deserter,  Jane Langton

This is a new Homer Kelly mystery, except that it isn’t really a Homer Kelly mystery, so much as it is a historical mystery about Mary Kelly’s ancestors that Homer and Mary end up solving.  Which is to say, the bulk of the book is set during the battle of Gettysburg, where Mary’s great-great (very pregnant) grandmother is looking for her husband, who has disappeared.  It is definitely a change of format, but it was fun to read the historic sections, and to watch Homer and Mary slowly solving it (and to see them as scholars, for once, instead of detectives).  The only small gripe I have is that the central mystery, which involves an identity switch stressed me out so, so much because it involved the smearing of a good (dead) man’s reputation.  And I think I’ve already blogged about how reading about injustice stresses me out.  So much so that, like Arthur and George before it, I put this book down for about three months, because I couldn’t stand what happened.  Wimpy, I know.  But presumably you are made of stronger stuff, and if so, you would probably quite enjoy this book.

Date/Place Completed: 3/6/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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