2008: 41. Death in the Air


“The September sun beat down hotly on Le Bourget aerodrome as the passengers crossed the ground and climbed into the air liner “Prometheus,” due to depart for Croydon in a few minutes’ time.”

Death in the Air, Agatha Christie

This is another fun one.  The description of 1930’s air travel alone is interesting enough to sustain a read, but the idea of a murder taking place mid-air on a small airliner in front of everyone is pretty fun too.  Plus there are a few cute love stories, a bit of a Roger Ackroyd-esque ending (just a bit) and my boy Hercule solving the day.  A nice fun little mystery with a taste of old fashioned air travel to boot.

Date/Place Completed: 3/12/08; D.C. 

Categories: Fiction, Re-Read, Agatha Christie Project

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