2008: 46. What the Dead Know

“Her stomach still clenched at the sight of the water tower above the still, bare trees, a spaceship come to earth.”

What the Dead Know, Laura Lippman

This is a decent mystery - the story of a woman who, when stopped for a minor traffic accident, suddenly spills an amazing tale.  She claims that she is one of the Bethany girls, two young girls who went missing twenty years before.  Then she refuses to say more, leaving the police to try to figure out whether she is telling the truth, and just what happened all those years ago.  This is a great premise for a mystery - something about those long ago kidnappings and some solution being found is so interesting and satisfying, so I should have no complaints, but I do.  The thing is, I read a whole bunch of raves about this book - it was those raves that got me to start reading Lippman to begin with.  And given that I expected a little bit more.  The ending of this book left me a little cold - I (who NEVER figure anything out) was able to guess a major twist, which always is a bad sign.  But maybe I am being unfair - this was a fine fast read, but it just wasn’t as great as I was told.

Date/Place Completed: 3/24/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction, Library Book

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