2008: 55. The ABC Murders

“It was in June of 1935 that I came home from my ranch in South America for a stay of about six months.  Like everyone else, we had suffered from world depression.”

The ABC Murders, Agatha Christie

Can you believe that in my whole Agatha Christie project this is the first classic narrated by Hastings Poirot novel I’ve read?  This is a classic, too.  Hastings comes home to visit Poirot, and Poirot immediately receives a letter bragging of an upcoming murder - “Look out for Andover on the 21st of the month...”.  Poirot is concerned, and rightly so, because Mrs. Ascher is murdered in Andover on the 21st. And then a second letter announces a murder at Bexhill, and Betty Barnard is killed.  And then a third, at Churston, of Sir Charles Carmichael.  And when an “ABC” railroad guide is found with each body, the ABC murders are born.   Poirot and the police come to a solution - an unassuming man named Alexander Bonaparte Custis - but is he really the one?

Date/Place Completed: 4/7/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-read; Agatha Christie Project

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