2008: 6. Absolute Sandman Volume 1

“Wake up, sir. We’re here.”

Absolute Sandman Volume I, Neil Gaiman et al.

I do not know how it took me so long to read this book - why I (who likes Gaiman and is trying to increase my literacy in re graphic novels) never really read the Sandman before now.*  Not to beat myself up, but I feel a fool for having lived so long without these books.  These books are like, whoa.  I mean, if I had known when I was eighteen that comic books like this existed, I probably would change my whole existence.  Probably just as well I didn’t, but the point is, these are like the ultimate example of what I would point to when people who don’t know what comic books can be.  The whole notion of the eternals, of Morpheus, of the dream kingdom, are so rich, and the story is imaginative, dark, scary, graphic, bloody, grim, hopeful, and the format of the comic book makes it better, and everyone should read it.  And (as you’ll see) I enjoyed the first one so much I immediately (like the same day) went out and bought the second.

Recommended for:  For literally everyone, but particularly people who love imaginative and fantastic, mythical stories.

*Well, I’ve sort of read them - I’ve skimmed them in Barnes & Noble, but was too cheap to buy them before now.  Which begs the question why I bought the expensive fancy version, but wouldn’t shell out for the cheaper paperbacks, but that is obvious - I am a super big sucker for gorgeous books, and this is a GORGEOUS book. I just want to stare at it, and maybe pet it a bit. 

Date/Place Completed: 1/11/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Graphic Novel

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