2008: 71. Towards Zero

“The group around the fireplace was nearly all composed of lawyers or those who had an interest in the law.”

Towards Zero, Agatha Christie

This is a quite good stand alone mystery by by Christie, with the the occasionally recurring character Sergeant Battle ultimately solving the mystery.  It starts with a situation more out of Coward than Christie - recently divorced and remarried Nevile Strange comes on his annual visit home to his guardian’s house, with his new wife, at the same time his former wife is scheduled to visit too.  Awkwardness naturally ensues, not helped by a former paramour of the first wife, and one of the second arriving as well.  As is if all that wasn’t bad enough, tempers flare and (this being a Christie novel) murder ensues.  And it is a pretty good one, with all these nasty entanglements, and a reasonably clever ending (though a trope that AC goes back to once or twice - I guess when you write 80 mysteries you bound to eventually repeat a trick), and I quite enjoyed it.

Date/Place Completed: 4/24/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction, Re-Read, Agatha Christie Project

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