2008: 9. In A Strange City

“He begins on January 1, always January 1, playing with his body’s schedule until he is increasingly nocturnal, staying up until dawn.”

In A Strange City, Laura Lippman

This mystery was only ok - I really enjoyed Lippman’s Every Secret Thing, and had high hopes for her other books, but I was disappointed by this one.  Perhaps because this is part of a detective series, and not a stand alone book and I wasn’t so into this particular detective, Tess Monague.  Maybe if I had read her other books and knew her backstory I’d have gotten more out of it.  Or maybe I just wasn’t in the mood.  Anyway, what I did really enjoy about the book is how firmly its rooted in its location, the city of Baltimore.*  The mystery is about a (true) famous Baltimore tradition,  in which every January, on the anniversary of Edgar Allen Poe’s death, a mysterious figure leaves a rose and a quart of whiskey on his grave.  When a man is murdered whilst spectating,  Tess is pulled into a mystery where she tries to solve the murder, learn about famous missing Baltimoreanea and still try to keep the Poetasters secret identity.  That part was totally, totally fun, and even if I didn’t adore Tess, I did love the Baltimore stuff.  Fun, especially if you’re a Marylander...

*On a totally unrelated note, my life is sort of overwhelmed with Baltimore lately.   This book, an Anne Tyler, The Wire, which I am totally into, and also, I must say, sort of petrified of Baltimore.  I am torn between thinking oh my lord, I need to go see Baltimore someday (esp. since I live in D.C.) and thinking that I am petrified of Baltimore...

Date/Place Completed: 1/26/08, D.C.

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