2008: 96. Living Large in Small Spaces

“No matter what place in the world you call home, when it comes to urban living arrangements, space is a luxury.”

Living Large in Small Spaces: Expressing Personal Style in 100 to 1,000 Square Feet, 

Marissa Bartolucci

I equivocated about even listing this book on the blog - it is as much an art/picture book as a book with text, and I wasn’t really sure it counted (I’m not listing, say, The Cat in the Hat, if I happen to re-read that).*  But I decided that most design books would be like this, and this one is nice and long and has lots of explanatory text.  Plus, it is interesting, and maybe one of you all would like to read it.  So, here goes.

The premise of the book is obvious from the subtitle - it is a collection of small living spaces, from a tiny 100 square foot dorm room to what (by the end of the book) seems like an enormous 1000 square foot home.  Living in a rowhouse (which is admittedly larger than those, but still small by American standards), I appreciate the notion of small space living, and as an environmentally conscious human being, and generally interested in the concept of smaller footprints and more efficient living.**  Which is why I got the book (or wanted a book like this - I think this one was actually a gift).  What I enjoyed about it was seeing the creative ways different people utilized their small spaces, and made them seem livable.  What disappointed me was that so much of the design in the book was so similar - modern and sparse, that I didn’t get a great deal from the book, particularly since modern and sparse is not my particular design style.  Still, I always find that reading a book like this, or a magazine, or a blog that talks about creative solutions to problem, and art, and all that, is liberating and a little inspiring.  For example, even if I didn’t redo my row house in mid-century modern, I was still inspired to clear all the clutter and nick-knacks off my countertops, and am loving the clean look it gave me.  The point being that reading something a little different like this expands your horizons a tiny bit, which is all for the good, non?

*Though, who knows what I’ll be doing after this baby comes! Maybe my blog will become all about board books!!!

** Although a lot of the people featured have wee apartments in Manhattan, and a larger home somewhere else, which is not really the point.

Date/Place Completed: 6/23/08; D.C.

Categories: Non-Fiction; Re-read/Book Resolution***

***Technically this was a re-read, though it is such a marginal read that I am not sure I can really count it for my resolution

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