2009: 100. Postern of Fate

“Books!” said Tuppence.

Postern of Fate, Agatha Christie

      This is the last novel Christie ever wrote, and, frankly, only a Christie completist really needs to read it.  The mystery is totally vague and the solution comes out of nowhere and the plot is hard to follow.  But, if you are a fan of Christie, this is the last Tommy & Tuppence story, and while the mystery isn’t great, there are some Tommy and Tuppence bits that are quite fun, especially the parts that capture how Tuppence uses her Tuppencey charm and intuition to first figure out that their new house contains an ancient mystery and then the Tommy’s using his old spy tricks to bring it together.  Look - it’s not at all a great book, but if you love Christie it’s certainly better than, say Passenger to Frankfurt, the worst book she ever wrote. 

Date/Place Completed: August 2009; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction, Agatha Christie Project

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