2009: 11. Me, the Missing and the Dead

“The minicab office was up a cobbled alley with a little flat houses on either side.  That’s where I first met Violet Park, what was left of her.”

Me, the Missing and the Dead,  Jenny Valentine

This is an excellent YA novel, the story of fifteen-year old Lucas who ends up being the custodian of an old woman’s ashes (they were left behind in a taxi dispatch office for something like five years, and he felt guilty - or her ghost let him - so he brought her home).  As he investigate the life of the dead woman, Violet Park (that would be the dead), he learns more about his father who walked away from him and his family a number of years before (that would be the missing).  The story of him solving his family’s mysteries is pretty good, as is his journey from blind adoration of the man who left to a more realistic understanding of the kind of person he was (and a better appreciation of the Mum who stayed behind).  What makes the story, though is Lucas’s voice and all the other characters who, though the book is short, seem real and vividly sketched.  In fact, my only complaint about the book is that it could have been a bit longer - there is so much story and plot here (and Lucas is such a great narrator) that I would have liked to stay with him longer, and have the story unfold a little slower.

Date/Place Completed: February 2009, D.C.

Categories:  Fiction, Library, Young Adul

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