2009: 123. The Provincial Lady in America

“July 7th - Incredulous astonishment on receiving by second post - usually wholly confined to local bills and circulars concerning neighboring Garden Fetes - courteous and charming letter from publishers in America.”

The Provincial Lady in America, E.M. Delafield

      This is the third Provincial Lady novel, and is just as charming as the first two in the series.*  Like the first two it’s a breezy and charming read.  Here the P.L. has been invited to do a reading tour in America, and the book chronicles her adventures, from the voyage across, through the numerous stops in America, and then back home.  I appreciated that the P.L. only gently poked fun at America (no more than she did at England), and was totally smitten by how her one real desire was to visit Louisa May Alcott’s home - made her seem like a real live girl.  Absolutely a fun read, but I’d start with the other P.L. books, to get the real P.L. experience.

    *Although a lot of people seem to have them all in one volume, which I actually think would be a more fun way to read them, since they are pretty short, and the stories are totally episodic, anyway.

Date/Place Completed:  October 2009; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction, Commuting Book

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