2009: 125. Witch Hunt

“It was a pleasure boat.

At least, that’s how owner and skipper George Crane would have described it.”

Witch Hunt, Ian Rankin (writing as Jack Harvey)

      This is an espionage type thriller, written by Ian Rankin (under a pseudonym), who is an Edgar award winner for his Inspector Rebus series.  I haven’t read any Rankin, I don’t think, though I’ve heard raves.  This novel didn’t really leave me ready to rush out and start the Ian Rankin project, but I think that has more to do with my general lack of interest in espionage type thrillers than Rankin’s writing.  I generally enjoy spy novels despite the fact that they are spy books (a la Le Carre, or Greene) and thus, while I didn’t adore this book, I liked it well enough that I’d give Rankin another try.

      It’s the story of the Witch, an elusive terrorist, so good that for years people didn’t believe she existed.  Now she’s come out of hiding in a big splashy way (the Witch - this time, it’s personal!) and three detectives (two young, one old; two female, one male; two English, one French) are trying to capture her.  It’s fine as it goes, but I found the characters of the detectives more interesting than the crimes they were trying to solve.  I’m on the record as liking my crime nice and domestic, not global, and thus this wasn’t really for me.

Date/Place Completed:  October 2009; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction

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