2009: 13. Garlic and Sapphires

“You gonna eat that?”

Garlic and Sapphires,  Ruth Reichel

So, the word that pops into my head when I think about this book is breezy - which I mean in a good way, in that this was an enjoying read that I finished quickly and enjoyed immensely.  But the more I think about the book, it is more serious than my immediate impression suggest.  It is the story of Reichel’s stint as the New York Times food critic, starting with her first flight from LA to New York, when her seatmate told her that she knew who she was and warned her about the tough New York market.  So Reichel decides she needs to start putting on disguises in order to be able to try review places without them know who she was.  So the book is not only about her time as a critic but also about how those other people who she became influenced her and her writing, and how much she enjoyed her time as a critic, and how eventually she had to give it up because it was too much for her.   AND the book has recipes, which, after my mom read it, meant that she introduced spaghetti carbonara to my life, which alone was worth the price of admission!

Date/Place Completed:  February 2009, D.C.

Categories: Non-Fiction

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