2009: 137. The Truth About Forever

“Jason was going to brain camp.  It had another name, but that’s what everyone called it.”

The Truth About Forever, Sarah Dessen

       I read this charming young adult book a long time ago, but it was a library book, and I returned it and I totally forgot to blog about it, until recently when I was cleaning out my inbox, and found the note I’d sent myself to remember to blog (so I guess it worked, eventually).  

       I said charming, but that diminishes the book, maybe, and that’s not at all what I meant.  This book, like Lock and Key (the other Dessen I’ve read) is a young adult novel that doesn’t contain vampires or fairies, but just tells a story of a young woman dealing with her life.  But what sets it apart (and really makes it worth reading if you are a young adult or not) is that the emotions are real and compelling and written about sensitively and carefully.  The book is about 17 year old Macy, who has created a perfect life for herself after her father’s untimely death.  She has a good grades, and never gets into trouble, and has a perfect straight A boyfriend, Jason.  But when Jason goes to brain camp for the summer, and then dumps her (for saying that she missed and loved him), she decides to relax a little bit and try living her life.  It is about a girl trying to figure out how to have a life in the face of mortality.  Which sounds heavy - and there are tough issues addressed here, no doubt (like, can we really be perfect- and do we want to?), but it’s done in a light and lovely way.

Date/Place Completed:  September 2009; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction

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